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About Framed Originals

This is where you will find flat original art works that are hand-painted, hand-made, or glitterised by me. If you would like to find 3D objects that displays my original craftsmanship then please hover over "MorganOfficiallyArt's Store" tab above and select the corresponding shop of the 3D object that you're interested in buying. These products on this page are categorized as "originals." This means that they are 100% authentically hand painted or glitterised by be. Each design has there own limited quantity. Original art works are far more expensive then prints of the same art work because they take more time, energy, effort, materials, supplies, and cost then prints do. 

In this shop you will find only hand-crafted watercolor, acrylic, or glitterised framed originals such as posters, rolled canvas or scrolls, flat greeting cards, folded greeting cards, post cards, book marks, and more. I will try my best to keep each original art piece as mint as possible.