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About Prints & Souvenirs

This is where you will find products that are not hand-painted, hand-made, or glitterised by me. These products are categorized as "prints." Which means that they are a print of my original works and not the actual original piece itself. Each design has a limited quantity of 100 and prints are a lot more affordable then the original art piece. Some prints may come framed if they are flat objects such as rolled canvas, poster, greeting cards, post cards, etc. 3D prints like coffee mugs, tumblers, totes bags, calendars, coasters, mouse pads, and phone cases will be shipped with the necessary padding or materials to keep them from getting damaged during shipping & handling. All of my prints come from 3rd party companies. 

You can even buy DIY at home Project Kits of my prints. These may include gem crafting kits, puzzles, paint-by-number kits, or other DIY projects that you can do yourself that features one of my art projects or original art works. You can also buy finished framed puzzles of my prints in my moms shop (DreamCatcherZen) under the "Puzzles" tab if you don't want to solve the puzzle yourself but like the "puzzle" effect in art. 

In my shop (MorganOfficiallyArt,) you can find the "Painted Puzzles" shop which is recycled puzzles that I painted over using my own art and acrylic paint, gluing it on the front and back, and framing it. My Painted Puzzles may have different finishes depending on the design. It can have glossy, ultra glossy, matte, ultra matte, hard coat, satin, or glow-in-the-dark. On rare occasions you may see puzzles with a chalk board finish. You can also find framed glitterised puzzles of my original art in the "Painted Puzzles" shop. All puzzled in the "Painted Puzzles" will be already be completed and framed. If you want to solve a puzzle of one of my prints, you'll need to by it from this shop.